The Author

As long as I can recall, I have loved watching people. Observing them, wondering what their stories were and the thoughts behind their animated expressions. I was intrigued by what I was seeing and wanted to keep those images locked tight in my mind.  When I was gifted my first film camera at the age of sixteen, I knew I was about to enter into a brand new world and an amazing adventure. I knew there would be no turning back, photography would become part of my history and my future.
I am passionate about my craft and want to share this passion with others, often volunteering my time as a photographer. 
Through the lens of my camera, I continue to be that people watcher and with each photo I take, I open up a dialogue with artists from every walk of life. Continuing to ask allows me the opportunity to photograph these wonderful and talented artists. Through these images, I get to take my audience on that incredible journey with me.
-- Lisa MacIntosh

Music Makers

Aaron Goldstein

Alison Young

Adam Faux

Allison Lupton


Alysha Brilla

Albert Lee

Andrea England

Alex Cuba

Andrea Ramolo

Alex Johnson

Andrew Collins

Alex Pangman

Andrew Scott


The End

As this part of my journey comes to an end, it's time to say thank you.  None of this would be at all possible without my family at The Great Hall, the musicians that sat for this series, my friends who have been cheering me on since day one, my supporters who helped make printing this book possible and to everyone that purchases a book and/or a concert ticket.  October 14th is going to be a brilliant night; I hope to see you there!  

With much gratitude,

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The Book

Three years ago I asked Jeff Jones if I could photograph him for a series that I was dreaming of creating at The Great Hall. Without hesitation, Jeff agreed; and that was the beginning.

I have been on an amazing adventure, one that lead me to photographing 219 musicians.  I have laughed, listened, shared and cried.  My hope is that this book will reflect the heart and soul and joy that I felt while photographing every artist.  I worked tirelessly on this project and my efforts will be seen in the finished book.  

There is history here, a musical history in an old, revived building.  A history that I need to share with the world.


I had never heard of the Great Hall. I was in town for a gig and was asked if I'd be interested in being part of a series Lisa was working on. Being the type of person who likes to think that good energy attracts good energy, I happily agreed. I walked in and was immediately struck by the space. You could almost feel the history, as though something was whispering "great things have happened here", quickly followed by the notion that more great things are still to come. We walked up a series of stairs and into a large room.

(The complete foreward can be found in the new book).

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"Thank you so much for the wonderful reception my book has received; we are now sold out. My heart is filled with gratitude."

-- Lisa